Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Quote This!

As a author and as an editor I see many common mistakes and they look to shout out at me in a very annoying fashion. I am not here to criticize, in fact, I believe that we, as authors should all work together to assist each other.

Not only is it the right thing to do but in our human race today, it will give us all a safety of sorts.First, delight short letter that I am not claiming anything stopping point to perfection.

I am human and as such, I make mistakes just as anybody else does. Those mistakes will be especially easy to descry here since most of my authorship is off the whomp and rarely edited or proofed.

That beingness said; as a author I happen it very hard and distracting to read pages when there are numerous mistakes which could have got been easily avoided. One or two mistakes and my column oculus winks but makes not cringe.

When the mistakes are changeless and too numerous, I simply go forth and remind myself not to go back to those sites. Reading it just worsens me personally and I cognize that any cognition that I may have got gained would be lost anyhow.

One of the things that surprise me the most is the prevalence of spelling errors. These tin be avoided by using just about any halfway nice word processor.

If you are not using a tool that have a spellchecker, you can easily type up your stuff in word or unfastened business office or just about any other word processing software system before you post it or seek to print it. In this way, you will at least be given an indicant of what is incorrect and where there are any blatantly obvious errors.

Granted, I have got got got yet to happen a word processor that is not without some minor flaws, but some of the authorship I see on a regular footing guarantees me that many "writers" make not even care adequate to seek to repair simple mistakes.

How am I supposed to take them seriously or listen to their message if they have already proven themselves so careless?

I am sorry, but if you have something to state that is important, it should intend adequate to you to seek and state it so that people will understand your message and not be forced to try and interpret your authorship into the same linguistic communication you are already writing in.

That beingness said; the job I am going to turn to today is the citation mark. There looks to be a batch of maltreatment regarding the citation Marks and whether or not the punctuation is included within the citation Marks or whether it is placed outside the quotes.

The easiest manner I can believe of to explicate this is that if the sentence within the citation Marks is a complete sentence, than the punctuation will be placed within the quotation marks as well. If the look in citation Marks is not a finish sentence, the punctuation will be relegated to a place outside of the citation marks.

So for an example, you may ask:

"What did he say?"

He said we would larn more than here on his land site "later".

In the first part of the example, the phrase within the quotation Marks was a complete idea and contained a complete sentence structure.

Therefore, the punctuation at the end of the sentence is included within the quotation marks to complete the idea and bespeak whether it was a question, a statement, an exclaiming or whatever other type of personal accent you wish to add to your quote. In the 2nd portion, the existent citation was not a complete idea and therefore, in that case, the punctuation is properly placed outside of the citation Marks indicating that it was not a complete thought.

This may look like a nit-picking observation but believe about all of the stories, ms and other stuffs that an editor is going to be reading each and every day. Bash you believe the work that is wedge full of simple grammatical mistakes is going to rate more than attending than a ms which have no obvious errors glaring at him from the deferrals of your pages?

A single error may be overlooked even if it looks obvious to some people. A series of mistakes, especially ones, which could have got been easily avoided will likely, end up in even more than than rejection steals than normal and more lost readers on your web site.

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