Sunday, October 28, 2007

Articles to eBooks - How to Turn a Great 7 Tips Article into a Great eBook

Can you really really turn a seven tips article into an ebook?

You sure can. Follow me here:

If you can compose a 7 point grocery store list, you can compose a 7 tips article in your country of expertise.

If you can compose a 7 tips article in your country of expertise, you can quickly and easily bend it into an ebook.

From article to ebook in steps

Step 1 - Write a great seven tips in your country of expertness - Come up with seven suggestions, tips, warning signs, etc.

Step 2 - Take one tip and compose an article on that tip - Just spread out on what you wrote for each tip.

Setp 3 - Make the same thing for the other six tips - Just reiterate what you did in measure two for each of your tips.

Step 4 - Take one of your tips articles and turn it into a chapter - Make what I name a encephalon and bosom shit and just compose everything you cognize about that tip. Use examples, lawsuit studies, stories, etc to exemplify the points you are making in this chapter.

Step 5 - Make the same thing for the other six articles - Take them one at a clip and acquire it done.

Step 6 - Add an introduction - State the reader what to anticipate in the ebook.

Step 7 - Add some invitations - Instead of a conclusion, ask for the reader to additional prosecute you through other web sites, services, and products.

Repeat this procedure over and over again and you can turn many of your articles into ebooks.

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