Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What are the Most Effective Article Directories to Submit my Articles to?

There are two primary schemes involved with article selling and article submission.

The first is that of submitting to a little figure of high-traffic article directories and focusing on the direct traffic that come ups from the article directories when people read your articles and chink through to your web site.

The 2nd scheme is that of submitting your articles to as many article directories as possible for the long-term purpose of increasing pagerank and hunt engine rankings, which will take to long term traffic from the hunt engines.

The first scheme will acquire you contiguous traffic, and will assist your web land land site eventually acquire higher hunt engine rankings, and the 2nd scheme will assist you more than quickly acquire high hunt engine rankings so that you can acquire web traffic from the hunt engines themselves.

Which scheme is better?

In the short term the direct traffic method is probably better, but in the long run, submitting to as many article directories as possible is probably a better approach.

The manner I make it is a premix of both strategies.

I regularly submit to a short listing of article directories, the 1s that have got higher traffic themselves, and I also submit, perhaps monthly, to a full listing of article directories.

One of the things to retrieve about article selling is that you are building a long-term mercantile - not a short term flash of traffic. You see, you will be difficult pressed to happen anyone successful online that trusts on short term flashes of traffic, unless they have got establish a manner to vouch they acquire those flashes regularly - and then of course of study they are not really short term. With article marketing, you must concentrate on the long term.

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